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The Garden is making a new programme about the medical issues and health concerns of young people across the UK for BBC Three. As part of this programme a fully qualified doctor will be talking to young people about their health and offering advice. The aim of the programme is to inform, engage and empower 16-35 year olds and encourage people to talk openly about their health.

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Data is stored on The Garden Productions secure sever which is protected with antivirus software and firewalls. The data can be assessed and read only by approved persons working on the project and is password protected. Hard copies will be kept secure under lock and key. The data is used to help us in our contributor selection process and background information during the planning, filming and editing of programmes. At this planning stage of the project, The Garden Productions will only share this information with the commissioning department at the BBC and our medical third parties it will be destroyed once the production has been completed unless you would like to be considered for future programmes.